Wat gebeurt er met Ahsoka en Anakin in TCW?

De cast en crew van TCW was recent te gast bij de USO. Daar vertelde Filoni een beetje meer over de laatste verhaallijn van Seizoen 5, namelijk over Anakin en Ahsoka Tano. Mogelijk volgt het meteen na ‘The Lawless’ (nu zaterdag) of zitten er nog episodes tussen. Dit is wat Filoni zei toen iemand hem vroeg wanneer Anakin en Ahsoka terugkeren in het seizoen.

Bron: Clubjade

“Anakin and Ahsoka have the final story arc. In my mind, the whole season leads up to what’s going to happen in those episodes. To me, it’s a very big deal – It’s a big, huge moment for the two of them. I don’t like to say that anything’s my favorite, but because we created Ahsoka for the show, and we’ve evolved her character on the show, it’s something that I feel is wholly ours onThe Clone Wars. She hasn’t appeared on any other Star Wars. This is a big development for them this season. It’s a complex thing, and I think a pretty intense thing, I hope, with action. I think you’re going to be surprised by what happens – really I hope surprised. I super look forward to the repercussions all summer long at every convention I go to. You’ll come back with more questions than you’ve ever had from these last several episodes of this series, but especially that one.”