James Kahn maakt eigen film

Naar aanleiding van ons interview met schrijver James Khan in TeeKay-421 Magazine 73, vroeg de auteur ons om volgend bericht te plaatsen over een nieuwe film die hij graag zou willen maken.

Hi! Thanks for reading this.

This is it! I’m making my own movie! After decades of getting other people’s stories up on the screen (www.thatjameskahn.com), I’ve taken the scary leap into the abyss of my longtime dream – to write and direct my own film.¬†Titled WRONGSIDE BOB, it’s a comedy/drama with my music, about the masks we wear and the risk of exposing our inner selves. This story is close to my heart on many levels.
All of which makes it hard to ask, but here it is: I need money to get my movie made. I’m extending my hand to you. If you can’t spare any money (or if you can), I hope you’ll forward this letter to your email contacts, and post it on Facebook, to let your friends know about me. They can get some great perks for donating, and I promise to make a really cool movie we can all be proud of.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launches October 15. You can donate at:

Thanks again,
James Kahn

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