International Star Wars Fandom-panel op Celebration

TeeKay-421 stelde voor Celebration het panel ‘International Star Wars fandom’ voor dat het zal leiden op zaterdag 10u30 tot 11u30. Tim Veekhoven en Kevin Beentjes vertegenwoordigen TeeKay-421 in het panel.

Across the globe, Star Wars fans and fan clubs have been around from the moment Star Wars first appeared. We’re going to spotlight some of the unique achievements of Star Wars fan clubs and organizations from all over the world. There’s a lot more to Star Wars fandom than costuming clubs, so come learn about the diverse ways we celebrate our Star Wars side. From watching the movies to collecting toys and playing games, all the way to creating magazines, websites, art and podcasts … anything is possible! Featuring Tim Veekhoven (Belgium); Kevin Beentjes (The Netherlands); Mark Newbold (UK); James Floyd (USA); Johanna Nybelius (Sweden).

Bron: Celebration